lake casitas

“Olympic Water” for Rowers

Lake Casitas was the rowing venue for the 1984 Olympics based in Los Angeles.  It’s not difficult to imagine why — the lake’s stretches of open water, beautiful surroundings, and lack of boat traffic make it a world-class rowing locale. Following the Olympics, the lake was restored to its pre-event condition.

Casitas Rowing is excited to work with the Lake Casitas Improvement Foundation, an organization committed to finding new and exciting ways of supporting our community through various recreational programs at the lake. As a rowing club, we continue our commitment to educate our members on the environmental balance that is continually walked when trying to preserve this resource and at the same time make it available for enjoyment by the community.

Lake Casitas Recreational Area has over 400 campsites, picnic areas, fishing and boating, biking and hiking, special events and a water park that operates in the summer. Explore options at

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Morning practice at Lake Casitas (c) 2011 Terri Laine




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