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Reserve a Boat

Once approved by the director, members can reserve club boats for use on Lake Casitas. Please use safety guidelines — pair up with a buddy and wear highly-visible clothing (see more on Safety Rules below). 


Weather at Lake Casitas

Conditions at the lake can be different from nearby communities. Practice is hardly ever cancelled! :)


Currrent Weather at Casitas

Masters Race Events

MASTERS: Check that your USRowing Waiver is signed online, and be sure your USRowing membership is current. To sign your waiver, enter our Club Code here:  Email for the code. Note: Do not create a new membership; all Casitas Rowers have existing records.

Other options regarding your membership can be found under the Join/Renew menu choice at  


View Club Safety Rules (PDF) here.

Fog Fog Fog :-(

Some years we get more foggy days than others, but in general, we have wonderfully clear mornings at the lake. Even though our club rule is “don’t go out until it is safe and you can see the island,” we all need to wait even longer until the fog has shown that it is burning off, and not returning. Pull out an erg, and get to working out until it is all-clear to go.  If you are out in the early morning and there’s a chance fog will roll back in, stay on the north shore between the harbor and Wadleigh Arm so you can return to the dock immediately and get off the water before visibility is affected. 

Life Jackets 

If you are out rowing by yourself, you need to be WEARING the inflatable PFD vest (not setting it in the bottom of the boat). You can purchase your own if you like, but make it the same brand that we have, where the vest is over the shoulders, not around the waist. These vests are bright and offer some visibility out there on the water. ***This is non-negotiable*** If you are going out on your own, you are wearing the vest. 

Rowing with someone else means you are rowing together! Either in the same boat or side by side. Want to split up? No worries. Grab the vests. No vests? Then the faster boat rows slower and you keep together. If you are using your own private rowing boat, the rule still applies.

Million Meter Challenge

Log meters you row on your own for the Million Meter Challenge! You’ll find a logbook and map of estimated meters in the boatyard, by the podium.


Casitas Rowers’ Traffic Pattern

The general rule: Row clockwise around the island itself.  In all other areas, row counter-clockwise, including the outer perimeter of the lake.

Remember other types of boats do not use this traffic pattern. Even when using the correct traffic pattern, be aware of scullers and other boats / objects around you.


Store a Boat

Private rowing shell boat storage for members is available at Casitas Rowing when spaces are available. Please call (805) 642-2288 to discuss. For any other type of boat storage (e.g., Kayaks, canoes, motorboats) please contact the Lake Casitas Recreation Area directly at (805) 649-2233.


Casitas Rowing Library

The club keeps a collection of books, videos and magazines on rowing, fitness, nutrition, fiction and non-fiction, training topics, and more. Requesting an item is easy: view the Library Collection (Microsoft Excel) and submit your request by email. Materials are delivered at the lake.






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