adult rowing – RECREATIONAL

The Casitas Crew-zers!
A Recreational Mid-morning Adult Rowing Program


*** What is UNIQUE about this ROWING PROGRAM ?

– Mid-morning practice STARTING at 8:30am
– Tuesday and Thursday every week
– No Teamer signup needed … “Drop in” rowing ok
– Recreational practices with a focus on fun and fitness
– 1, 2, and 4 person boats. 


Coaches and other rowers help you with moving boats to and from the dock. 

Casual instruction on the water if you want, or, if you prefer, once you’re feeling confident, you can go and work on technique etc. on your own. 

Different days will have a different coach:



*** WHO would like to be a CREW-ZER???

1) Men and women who prefer later morning, to waking up early for the masters team
2) Someone with kids, and can’t row the early mornings but CAN row after 8:30am
3) Someone who is more of a recreational rower, enjoying the fitness, challenge, and beauty of the sport
4) Anyone who loves to row, but, would like help with handling the equipment like lifting boats to the water
5) Retired folks looking for a way to be active and love being outdoors 
6) People on the existing 6:30am Masters Team that might like additional training, or, would prefer to switch to practices that are later in the morning


== People with no prior rowing experience WELCOME!!
We will have you take anywhere from 1-3 private lessons to get you ramped up with the basics. Contact Wendy to schedule these lessons. Then, after your lessons you will be ready to move into the Casitas Crew-zers program and join the group. 



Private lessons are $60 per lesson, or $150 for a 3-pack. We also offer 2-person lessons for $75 per, or $195 for a 3-pack (try rowing with a buddy!).

Casitas Crew-zers program $79 per month. 
Existing members in the “6:30am Casitas Masters team” can ADD ON the Crew-zers program for an additional $10 per month. 


Eric Gillett / Director
805-642-2288 office



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