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Casitas Rowing has several ways for adults to become involved either as rowers or coxswains.

Our Adult Masters team has 3 coaches, and our team is roughly divided up into 3 groups of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Rowers.


Beginner novice rowers learn in a no-pressure environment at a pace that is right for them. You are practicing at the same days/times as our intermediate and Advanced athletes, but in different boats and with your own coach. Rowing is a very challenging sport (much harder than it looks on youtube or in the movies), but we all support each other and improve. As rowers get better they are given opportunities to row up with the intermediate athletes. Typically athletes in this group are in their first year of rowing. 

Our intermediate rowing group has a wide range of skill, fitness and goals. We do lineups for practice and at regattas so athletes are in boats with other rowers of comparable skill and fitness level. This is a coed class, comprised of both recreational and competitive athletes. Some will chose to attend races, and some will not. There are athletes in this level who just this year have taken up rowing and are fast learners / athletic, and others have been rowing for decades but maybe their fitness / rowing skill is still developing or they just really enjoy rowing for recreation and prefer not to race.

Many in this program have come to us with previous collegiate or high school rowing experience, or, have been on our masters team here at Casitas for over 4 years. Practices are geared toward top end fitness and developing gold-medal boat speed of our crews. Boats are balanced, and we use elite-level equipment including new Resolutes, FluidDesigns, and Concept2 / Braca oars. This is a competitive group and it is understood that in addition to training with the team, rowers are able to do some outside workouts on their own such as erging, running, and/or weight training. Several of our athletes cannot attend all 3 scheduled practices, but, they are instead doing training on their own at the gym etc. Athletes need to have a higher level of fitness (regardless of age) to handle the training level and higher stroke rates, be able to contribute to the speed of the boat, actively help balance the shells, plus, be coachable and a positive team player. 


Adult Team Practice Schedule:

  • Tuesdays …. 6:30am – 8:10am
  • Thursday …. 6:30am – 8:10am
  • Sunday ……. 7:00am – 9:00am 

People who need to run to work etc. can leave at 8:10, others are asked to help close up after practice and that often goes to 8:25 or so. Many people leave practice and go right to the lake’s Marina Cafe for breakfast and coffee together. 

Our teams practice in singles, doubles, pairs, quads, fours, and eights. Lineups change each practice depending on who has signed up that day. We do row in light rain and light wind, but, that isn’t very often. Practices do sometimes get cancelled for weather. You will find all of our masters teams very welcoming. Adult rowers participate at a level they can. We understand that Masters Rowers have lives outside of the sport and making it work takes a lot of juggling. Once people get started practicing though, they usually want to make this a big part of their life every week.


We also have an Independent Sculler program for people who want to participate at their own pace and on their own schedule. For all programs, club members can purchase private lessons if they want additional one-on-one instruction with a coach. Once people have taken lessons and are proficient enough to row on their own, they can become club members and join our independent rowing program. This program allows use of club equipment for rowing on your own or with other scullers. Boats can be reserved using an online calendar any mornings that they are not in use for team practice.


Link to our Adult Team / Masters PACKET … (will take you to our online GoogleDocs page):


*** For more info, and to get started Call Coach Wendy at 805-642-2288 or email

Also see: Private Lessons


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